Glögg, is a high-octane, mulled wine, which is made with a potpourri of spices and all three of the above: Claret (red wine), port, and brandy (or Aquavit). Because it is served warm it is especially popular around Christmas. It is the perfect cold-weather drink, warming the body and soul from the inside out.
For five liters liquid (3.5 liter inexpensive dry red wine, 1.5 liter inexpensive port wine, and brandy or unspiced absolute vodka after taste) I use:

25 g cinnamon sticks, crushed coarsely (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)
25 g cloves (50% Ceylon and 50% Zanzibar cloves)
25 g fresh ginger in pieces
25 g cardamom seeds, whole (Elettaria cardamomum)
25 g nutmeg, crushed coarsely
25 g dried rind from Seville Oranges
½ cup sugar

Combine all spices in a heavy saucepan and heat slowly with 250 ml red wine to 75OC (170F, do NOT boil, alcohol evaporates at 78 degrees Celsius so you want to be a bit careful!), add ½ cup of unspiced absolute vodka (50% - 100 proof) and let it stay covered for at least 24 hrs, filter to a beaker (I normally filter the liquid after 2-3 days).
Place 100-200g of sugar lumps (1 cup) on a stainless steel mesh above the beaker, soak the sugar with brandy or vodka and ignite – let the flames melt and caramelize the sugar and the resulting liquid drips into the spice extract. Even though this caramelizing might be considered as wasteful process and is not used in the modern recipes. I do it, it takes lots of time but it adds a layer of very good flavor and it makes a spectacle (be careful with the fire).

[In Sweden this spiced drink was named “Glödgad wine” and documented in 1609 – that means “glowing-hot wine”. The shortened form “Glögg” was first documented 1870. ]

After caramelizing keep the extract in a jar with tight lid and it keeps for months in the refrigerator.

Just before serving, heat the mixture of wine, port wine and the spice extract (I also add 1 liter blackcurrant juice because it tastes good). After tasting it you can add some vodka (or brandy), but be careful, it can easily get too strong. Serve your drink from small mugs and with raisins and blanched almonds.

At this point I would give my car keys to somebody else.

You can also bottle your glögg and let it age – if you can – one month up to a year.